How do I get a VA car allowance

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What does the automobile allowance entail?

Veterans who are disabled as a result of their military service and are unable to drive are eligible for an automobile allowance from the VA. Veterans with certain types of impairments, such as knee and hip joint immobility, are eligible for a benefit that allows them to receive adaptive equipment from the VA.

If you are eligible for this award for an automobile, you might get a one-time payment of up to $22,355.72 in 2022 to assist you in the purchase of a vehicle that contains specialized equipment. In the following, we will go into greater depth regarding the many kinds of motor vehicle equipment that might be eligible.

Veterans who meet the criteria established by the VA for receiving this benefit might be eligible for it. According to, in order to be eligible for benefits, veterans and active-duty service members need to have the following:

When it comes to the benefits of automobiles and adaptive equipment, veterans often have a difficult time understanding how exactly these benefits are processed and who processes them. The vast majority of veterans are under the impression that all aspects of their Automobile and Adaptive Equipment benefits are handled by their local Regional Office (RO). The reality is that securing these benefits involves a process that involves back-and-forth communication between the RO, the Prosthetics Department of the treating VA Medical Center, and the vendor of the vehicle being purchased.

What is the name of this program?

Veterans who are disabled are eligible to receive a one-time payment from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in the amount of up to $19,817 to put toward the purchase of a vehicle or another mode of transportation Multiple payments for necessary adapted equipment can be required over the course of a veteran’s lifetime.

VA’s Allowance for Automobiles Equipped with Adaptive Devices

There are very few things that will limit your freedom and independence as much as being unable to drive. An allowance to purchase adaptive equipment that will assist you in getting back behind the wheel may be available to you if a service-related handicap (also known as a service-connected disability) has hindered your capacity to do so. Find out if there is a possibility that you qualify for the advantages that are offered, what those benefits are, and how to apply for them.

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